High-Temp Tape Dispenser

Tool Tip: High-Temp Tape Dispenser

Posted October 25th, 2014
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When you're masking off parts for powder coating, this tip will be especially helpful for you. I used to pick up the roll of high-temp tape, find the edge, pull off a piece, cut it with scissors, and set the tape back down.  I repeated this process for each piece of tape I needed, all while wearing gloves (you're not handling your clean part with bare hands are you?).  This made masking a chore, and it took forever.  Then I came up with this little gadget.

powder coating high temp tape dispenser how to

My wall-mounted tape dispenser cuts my masking time in half.  You may recognize it:

I found that the high-temp tape rolls fit onto your every-day tape gun.  I then unbolted the handle, and screwed the base to the wall.  This puts the cutter on the tape gun in an unusable position. Oh well, the cutter leaves jagged lines anyways.  So I took a razor blade and glued it onto the edge of the clear plastic shield with a little epoxy. If I did it again, I would have drilled holes into the shield and mounted the blade with tiny nuts and bolts so they were replaceable.  I now have access to cut pieces of tape using one hand and it takes less than a second.  If you don't have a tape gun laying around the house already, then I strongly recommend this one.  This is the same model as mine with different colors.  This model of tape gun has a flat metal base once you take the handle off, and the base already has 4 holes in it which makes it very easy to mount to the wall.  

powder coating high temp tape dispenser how to

Bonus Points:  If you want an even better setup, you can use a little L bracket and mount a ruler vertically below the shield.  This way you can cut your tape to exact lengths every time.
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  1. I have just bought a tape dispenser like this around $12 as a gift. I is really good, beautiful!