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    1. Hi, Sean. My name is Andy and I work as a sales personnel for Racking & Shelving company and our product use powder-coat as an final finishing. As is quite often that I have customer that would required to install racking/shelving inside the industrial cold room and usually the temperate ranges from 10 Degree Celcius to -25 Degree Celcius.

      As far as I have been told, for cold room temperate ranges 5 Degree Celcius to -5 Degree Celcius, we have to use Hot Dipped Galvanized instead of Powder Coat finishing for our racking this is due high moisture content at this temperature range and our product will be more prone to corrosion. Do you know if such saying is true? Or do you know is there any specific recommended temperate range the powder coating could be used?

      As far as I know my company uses 3 - 4 tanks & uses ion-phospate for cleaning & rising. Type of powder used is meant for indoor usage with curing temperature range 180 ~ 200 Celcius.

      1. The cold temperatures should not affect the powder coating, however the constant moisture could definitely cause some corrosion. Powder coating is great at preventing corrosion, however, if only spraying one coat, there is a chance that any bare spots or pinhole type areas could lead to the moisture seeping under the powder coat. Then it won't be long until the metal corrodes underneath the powder coat. If the shelving is steel, I would apply a zinc-rich primer first and then do your top coat. Not only will the zinc rich primer help prevent corrosion, but just having two coats ensures that there is less chance of bare spots on shelving. If the shelving is aluminum, you can use a red oxide powder coat primer instead.

    2. Hey, I'm reading through all of your articles and there is awesome info for someone just starting out like myself. Haven't come across this information yet even though it may be there.. do you need to clean the gun between colors? After each use? And how.


      1. Yes the gun must be cleaned between colors. The best way to do this is to blow it out with compressed air. As long as you don't leave the powder sitting in the gun for weeks at a time, it blows right out.

        If you have a higher end gun that uses a hose to transfer the powder to the gun, you can first, blow out the hose; then take a foam ear plug and stick it in the hose and blow it through. As it travels through the hose, it will wipe the sides of the hose clean. Make sure if you do this that it is not too big to get suck but it is big enough to touch the sides of the hose.

    3. Hi Sean, really impressed with your website...
      I've taken as much in as I can but I'm getting pin prick holes in my work??..
      I've got a drier after my compressor with 2 filters on and 2 filters further down the line so would like to remove moisture from the issues.. I use an IR temp. Gun and sometimes it is up at 211 Celsius, could this be the reason? If it's getting too hot for the 10 mins it could blister??
      Thanks again for the site and in advance for your reply.


    4. What is you opinion on spectracoat and Columbia coatings powder coating guns? It seems to be very little reviews of the guns. I'm thinking of purchasing one of them.
      Thanks, Tim

      1. I have heard mixed reviews on the Spectracoat guns. Some people used them with no issues and others have complained of poor quality parts. For a similar price, I personally believe the Hypersmooth guns are a better alternative.

    5. Hy Sean, congrats' and thanks for such a great info that we cand read on this site, based on your info i started my own powdercoating business in Romania few years ago and it is doing very well.
      We refurbish alloy wheels exclusive and the customers are pleased but once in a while we have some problems with a pronounce orange peal or some kind of "proeminent dots"/ bumbs" ( i don t know how to call it) and i can t find the problem.What do you think?? is it because of the powder? or the gloves that we are using?
      Also in this moment our Gema Gun has broken, doesn t have a good atraction and i want to buy a Nordson Gun.Do you think is better?
      Thank you again for all that you are doing and i hope to have the time to read my message.

    6. Hi there,
      Great website you have here, very helpful indeed.
      I'm having a few problems with powder coating black semi gloss onto a steel flat panel.
      I've needed to recoat a few for a second time and the finish turns out almost like a shiny matte colour.
      I've tried flatting it down and preheating it etc before the next coat but nothing acheieves the same result as the initial 1st coat.
      Can I be a pain and ask you to explain the process for applying a second coat of semi gloss powder and the prep work beforehand because I am at my wits end at the moment

    7. My name is Julio, I am from Brasil. Im would like to know if there is anyone here, who colud help me in tricks and technics, to mix powder coats