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  1. Hello Sean, Great site! Wondering about the durability and look of this product from Columbia coatings. All In One Chrome (Bonded) Urethane

    This is a one-stage chrome powder. The chrome and clear are bonded for single stage application. Stays glossy even on engine parts. Save time and money. Thanks, Mike

    1. I haven't used it myself but I haven't heard any negative comments about it. From the pictures I have seen, it looks to be just as good as any of the good quality chrome powders and you don't have to worry about spraying a second coat.

  2. Ok I applied a base white,did full cure,cooled,added vinyl decal, applied 2nd coat and heated to 280 and removed from oven.when I demasked it left lines in the white base layer around the logo. Why? Was the first layer I not cure enough or perhaps I let the masking get too hot ?

  3. Is it possible to crome whole parts of my van and How do I do it. Did I got to spray with normal paint to make even and than only apply the crome powder coated. How many qty that I should order for my van.
    Did I got to apply clear coated on top of the crome powder to make it long last.
    Believe it can long last till 20 years if not scratch or bent.
    Where do I got in Malaysia

    1. I cannot answer all of your questions without more details, but you should not apply any paint on a part that you plan to powder coat. Powder coat works best on bare sandblasted metal. For the longest possible results, the steel parts on your van should be first coated with zinc-rich primer, then chrome, then a clear coat. All of these coats being powder coat. For aluminum parts, you can skip the zinc-rich primer. I'm not sure what parts on your van you are wanting to powder coat, so I cannot tell you how much to order.

  4. Hey Sean,

    This is by far the best guide on the internet for powder coating! I appreciate the information contained here. I built my own oven and have a buddy who is a certified electrician trying to help me wire it up. I have bought all the parts but have some questions on PID, SSR, and probe. If you have time I would appreciate some help trying to figure out the electronics of this oven. Email address is

    Thank you so much!


  5. Hi Sean, Can I powder coat ceramic white wall tiles, I want a particular color for my kitchen splash back which is only available in powder coating colors. Any information would be great as I just can't seem to get the right answers on the correct product to use. Love your site, Thanks Pam

    1. I have not personally done so, but I would imagine it is possible. Since the tiles are not able to be grounded, you will need to pre-heat them, shoot the powder while the tiles are still hot, and then put them back in the oven for a final cure. Then they can be installed.

    2. Thank you so very much Sean, I will give you an up date as I am taking the tiles off to the powder coater tomorrow. Cheers Pam Lawrence.